Offensive Services

From a security perspective, red team services help reveal the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of an organization or a project in IT systems. When using such services, it is worth considering that regular inspections of an organization are an economic benefit in the long run. It helps protect against attacks that threaten IT security, and assesses risks at appropriate intervals, which is a prominent aspect in the ever-evolving world of IT.

It is also very important in the life of an IT project that security investigations take place during the a project’s planning phase or at the early stages of its implementation phase, rather than at the end of the project with product delivery and project completion close at hand. It is in the interest of the IT Principal(s) to identify problems as soon as possible and to answer security related questions during the initial stages of the project.

Penetration Testing

Most companies have their own set of cybersecurity tools – like anti-virus software, encryption codes, and vulnerability scanning – but how sure can one be that these tools will be able to protect you in a real attack?

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Vulnerability Assessment

How susceptible is your company to a cyberattack? Is it at risk of a data breach? Boltonshield is able to answer these questions. The aim of Vulnerability Assessment is to discover security issues within applications or infrastructure the same way penetration testing does, with the major difference being that vulnerability assessment does not attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities.

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Red Teaming

As attackers become more sophisticated, it is important that organisations assess their capability to resist and respond to cyber-attacks based on an understanding of the key threats they face. Red Teaming goes further than just identifying gaps in your security practices and controls to prevent an attack.

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Web Application Testing

Companies depend on web apps to handle their most sensitive information. With the growing complexity inherent in these applications comes unforeseen security flaws and room for simple human error. This risk increases as web applications become more interconnected through the linking of APIs.

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Mobile Application Testing

Mobile is the new standard platform for application development, however, managing risk on these new devices is also a growing challenge as new mobile application vulnerabilities are found every day.

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External Infrastructure Testing

Infrastructure security is a top priority for all IT managers. Organisations must be proactive in locating network vulnerabilities and resolving them in order to prevent attacks that can cause system downtime, data loss, and damaged reputations.

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Server Credentialed Check

Credentialed checks allow for more accurate assessment and identification of weak configurations, missing fixes, and similar vulnerabilities, which further strengthens the organisation’s security, primarily, but not exclusively, through the insight gained on the need for specific improvements.

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Internal Infrastructure Testing

We recommend an internal network security assessment to all our clients who have sensitive information stored on their intranet or internal network, and prefer not to have them accessed by employees without proper roles or authorization.

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Source Code Review

Boltonshield provides code review services for our customers so they can detect and fix vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications already at the development stage. We believe that the reason behind a number of security flaws is that developers either ignore or are unaware of all secure coding practices.

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