how you can be hacked

The many ways and reasons you can be hacked

In the below article, we will examine the different ways in which hackers can approach their attacks, as well as their motivations for doing so, since not all malicious entities perform their actions for the exact same reason, despite common misperceptions of the opposite being the reality.

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Why do you need a SOC?

Although an SOC can be set up by the organisation itself as another internal and integrated component of its IT infrastructure, the vast majority of cases involve the introduction of an SOC through an external provider due to the organisation lacking the knowledge and expertise to properly implement an SOC themselves.

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Why do you need to separate your home network?

Why it is important to separate your home network from your professional network, as well as how Boltonshield can enable you to get the best out of a remote working setup while minimizing the potential risks to your company and your employees.

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