how you can be hacked

The many ways and reasons you can be hacked

In the below article, we will examine the different ways in which hackers can approach their attacks, as well as their motivations for doing so, since not all malicious entities perform their actions for the exact same reason, despite common misperceptions of the opposite being the reality.

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Cybersecurity in Metaverse

Cybersecurity in the era of the Metaverse

In the short span of a year, the metaverse went from being barely talked about in the public sphere to becoming one of the most popular search terms, reflecting its rising prominence as the next major talking point, both for seasoned business and information technology professionals, as well as for casual observers.

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what are cyber attacks

What are cyber attacks and how to protect yourself against them?

Cyber attacks and online threats today are becoming increasingly common, more sophisticated, and more targeted.
The potential that your organisation may suffer financial losses, intellectually property theft, unwanted extraction of private and proprietary information, as well as irreparable reputational ruin cannot be ignored and left to chance.

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Outsource SOC

Key reasons why you should outsource your SOC

Outsourcing the management of your SOC to external specialists can save your organisation both money and time by quickly reallocating this task to a team that has everything set up and ready to go and are invested in implementing best practices for their clients.

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Why we sponsor Swiss Cyber Defense DNA

SCD-DNA is an industry-sourced project which aims to provide a clearly-defined roadmap for businesses who wish to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. This initiative supplies small to medium enterprises with straightforward and unbiased instructions and advice so that they can better navigate this aspect of their operations.

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Why do you need a SOC?

Although an SOC can be set up by the organisation itself as another internal and integrated component of its IT infrastructure, the vast majority of cases involve the introduction of an SOC through an external provider due to the organisation lacking the knowledge and expertise to properly implement an SOC themselves.

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Best practices for remote working

While it can be crucial to business continuity to be able to quickly adapt to an external environment in constant flux, organisations and companies wanting to enable their employees to work from home should not rush into it. There are a number of aspects of remote working that need to be considered, including critical issues that must be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

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The Rise Of Remote Working

Between the growth and refinement of cloud-based SaaS software, rising inner-city property prices in metropolitan areas around the world, progressively more affordable high-speed internet, and international team composition and collaboration, remote working has experienced a tremendous growth over the past decade.

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