Boltonshield Platform

We provide you agile pentesting
so you can focus on remediating
your security gaps


Centralized Encrypted Platform

No need for sending credentials in multiple encrypted channels: upload your sensitive data to our encrypted platform.

Interactive Realtime Collaboration

Collaborate with our pentesters realtime throughout the whole project lifecycle from setting up the scope through delivering the results to retesting and closing.

Immediate Visual Insights

Access immediate visual insights into your pentest project. See all the vulnearbilities found based on their severity levels so you have a clear insight on your security posture

Realtime Reporting & Interaction

Gain actionable insights with realtime reporting on found vulnerabilities. Interact with our pentesters on your security gaps so your team can focus on remediating them.

Agile Development Lifecycle Integration

Get findings-as-tickets integrated to your issue tracking solution, prioritize to fix your vulnerabilities and initiate retesting on our platform.

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Follow through the lifecycle of identified vulnerabilities: whether they have been fixed, still present, or reoccuring.

Continuous Vulnerability Management

24/7 visibility on your attack surface. We allow you to rescan targets as needed or maintain an uninterrupted watch. We prioritize your security gaps so you can focus on remediating them.

Compare What's Offered in Each Tier

All solutions include 14 days free trial of automated vulnerability scan for 1 target.

Empowering Businesses: Learn from Our Client Testimonials

At Boltonshield, our client’s satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. We take great pride in delivering top-notch cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet their unique needs. Nothing speaks more convinvingly about the quality of our services than the genuine feedback shared by our valued clients.

“Our engagement with Adam and the team was quick and professional, and their help in securing our applications enabled us to focus on developing new capabilities. The detailed testing report showed us how small problems can turn into serious difficulties and how to address them in our other applications”


Roman Huba
Product Manager
Sygic FleetWork


Miklos Simon
Head of IT Operations
DPDgroup IT Solutions

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Aron Banyasz
Product Manager
Crready AG