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Boltonshield, being a part of Swiss Cyber Defence DNA, with the team of high-end security experts and analysts, is happy to share their extensive knowledge and deep insights into the cybersecurity topics.

Please see below a selection of our whitepapers available for download. There you would find the best practices on how to keep your business safe and secure in the rapidly changing world of digital threats.

How to implement cyber security as a culture into your company’s DNA

It is extremely important for organisations to understand that cyber security must receive the same treatment as other areas of the business and become an integral part of an organisation’s culture.

Can your organisation afford the risk of security audits that are few and far between?
How long the vulnerabilities were present in the organisation’s system? How could have they been exploited?
Would it not be more optimal in every sense for an organisation to continuously monitor its system with the same scrutiny as an annual security audit?

Get the answers to these questions and more in our whitepaper.