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Our Swiss Cyber Security services shield companies against Blackmail, Ransom and Financial loss

Cyber attacks are Destructive and Expensive

Cybercrimes are skyrocketing and they not only cause financial loss and reputational damage, but they also soak up precious Management resources. They can also lead to extensive legal proceedings and compensation claims. Even so, cybersecurity is under-resourced in most small/medium sized companies.
At Boltonshield, we undertake the monitoring of your company’s IT security under one shield. Our holistic approach ensures the effective security management of organisational and individual cyber threats, within a cost-effective and affordable range of plans. Shield your total business with us by monitoring and management of your employees’ devices and company systems.

Our holistic approach

Penetration Testing

Our ethical hackers, each with over 10 years of IT security experience, ensure that your company’s IT system is thoroughly tested and safeguarded against malicious attacks. We find the vulnerabilities before someone more sinister does.

SOC & Managed
Security Services

Our Next-Gen Security Operations Centre, augmented with Artificial Intelligence technology, enables us to protect your corporate assets wherever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of an attack.

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Cybersecurity in Metaverse

In the short span of a year, the metaverse went from being barely talked about in the public sphere to becoming one of the most popular search terms, reflecting its rising prominence as the next major talking point, both for seasoned business and information technology professionals, as well as for casual observers.

what are cyber attacks

Cyber attacks and online threats today are becoming increasingly common, more sophisticated, and more targeted. The potential that your organisation may suffer financial losses, intellectually property theft, unwanted extraction of private and proprietary information, as well as irreparable reputational ruin cannot be ignored and left to chance.

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