Boltonshield acquires scanmeter to enable continuous automated cybersecurity testing

[Zürich] 15.11.23 – Boltonshield AG, a fast-growing  Cyber Security as a Service provider from Switzerland, is thrilled to announce its strategic acquisition of Zürich based scanmeter. This underscores Boltonshield’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies and fortifying its position in the Cyber Security as a Service landscape. 

Expanding the Defense Perimeter: As the complexity of IT systems increases day by day, organizations face the challenges of growing attack surfaces and more and more sophisticated threats. To help customers address these challenges, Boltonshield is investing in scanmeter, a cutting-edge External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution. scanmeter’s technology enables continuous automated assessments of the external attack surface, and management of vulnerability data, therefore ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Boltonshield envisions a future where cybersecurity testing is transparent, affordable, and seamlessly orchestrated through advanced and innovative technology. 

Cutting edge solution in External Attack Surface Management: scanmeter stands out with its advanced platform to orchestrate security testing and manage vulnerability data by automating security tests and offering real-time insights. It can reduce the workload of cyber security experts by automating security testing tasks. In addition to the results of scanmeter scans, security experts can integrate their own results and tools whilst having a single platform to consolidate results and vulnerability data. 

Leading in the Age of Cyber Resilience: By integrating scanmeter’s advanced EASM capabilities, Boltonshield empowers organizations to visualize vulnerability data of internal and external systems comprehensively. This underlines Boltonshield’s mission to automate cybersecurity testing, making companies’ cybersecurity postures transparent and affordable. This approach ensures agility and resilience in the face of emerging threats. 

Continuity and Strength Through Strategic Partnership: The continuity of scanmeter’s exceptional product is fortified by this strategic investment and a testament to Boltonshield’s vision for the future of cybersecurity. 
scanmeter’s cofounder joins forces with Boltonshield, bringing expertise and innovation to develop further and scale this Swiss-made and patented security platform that stands as a beacon of trust and reliability for its international clientele.  

Andreas Kemi, Chairman of Boltonshield AG, commented: “By integrating scanmeter’s technical brilliance, we are empowering businesses with continuous automated security testing to complement  penetration tests and bug bounty programs.” 

Valentin Zahnd, Cofounder of scanmeter said: “By joining forces with Boltonshield, scanmeter will be part of a holistic cyber security testing approach. With the resources and international customer base at hand now, we can improve the platform even more and help organizations of all sizes to strengthen their cyber security posture.“ 

About Boltonshield AG: 

Andreas Kemi – Chairman of the Board, Boltonshield AG

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, investors, seasoned ethical hackers and security engineers, Boltonshield AG is headquartered in Switzerland boosted with international presence, focusing on Cybersecurity as a Service. Boltonshield undertakes the security of your company’s IT infrastructure under one shield. Their holistic approach ensures the effective security management of organisational and individual cyber threats, within a cost-effective and affordable range of plans. Shielding total businesses through their fundamentally unique approach to cyber defense to protect corporate assets wherever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of an attack. They serve their clients with both offensive and defensive services ensuring a holistic cyber-resilient approach. 

About scanmeter: 

Valentin Zahnd – Cofounder & CTO, Scanmeter

scanmeter based in Zürich is a frontrunner in External Attack Surface Management, specializing in automated security assessments, penetration testing support, and early-stage vulnerability detection. With a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts, scanmeter equips organizations with the tools needed to fortify their digital perimeters against advanced threats. Scanmeter was founded by Lukas Ruf, Damiano Esposito, Fabian Introvigne and Valentin Zahnd.  

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[Istvan Vamossy]  

COO, Boltonshield AG 


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