Boltonshield invests in Citadelo forming a Leading Cybersecurity as a Service vendor

Boltonshield AG, a fast-growing Swiss-based cybersecurity company, has announced a strategic investment in Citadelo AG, a market leader in the Slovak and Czech cybersecurity sectors. The collaboration between the two companies aims to expand their presence in the global Cybersecurity as a Service market and deliver top-notch security solutions to an ever-growing international clientele. To achieve this, both brands will maintain their independence while joining forces for international expansion efforts that will be driven by the combined expertise of both companies. 

While Boltonshield will gain a controlling shareholding, the founder and CEO of Citadelo – Tomas Zatko, will continue to lead the company, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing commitment to excellence. In addition to maintaining his leadership role at Citadelo, Tomas Zatko will also join Boltonshield’s board of directors as a shareholder, contributing his expertise and vision to both companies’ strategic growth.

Several founding investors, including Andreas Kemi, an early investor in Scala Business Solutions, LogMeIn, Tresorit and Quinyx, and Mateo Meier from Artmotion, have demonstrated their confidence in the partnership’s potential for success by investing into Citadelo. 

“As united as we are in Citadelo, we are so in Boltonshield and we want to translate that into Cybersecurity as a service on a global scale” said CEO Tomas Zatko. Additionally, Zatko mentioned “We want to assure our clients of the continuity of exceptional service from Citadelo, with our brand remaining present, yet amplified on a global scale with Cybersecurity as a Service solutions. 

Andreas Kemi, the chairman of Boltonshield AG said: “The future of security lies in automating traditionally time-consuming offensive and defensive measures.“ highlighting the fact that : “It’s no longer enough to check cybersecurity off a yearly checklist; it needs to be an integrated, ongoing part of software development and the day-to-day operations.“

Despite geopolitical uncertainties, both companies are demonstrating remarkable growth. Citadelo experienced a more than 3-fold increase in revenue, grew its number of international clientele as well as experts making it an ideal time for Boltonshield to invest.

Andreas Kemi Chairman of Boltonshield AG

About Boltonshield AG:

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, investors, seasoned ethical hackers and security engineers, Boltonshield AG is headquartered in Switzerland boosted with international presence, focusing on Cybersecurity as a Service. Boltonshield undertakes the security of your company’s IT infrastructure under one shield. Their holistic approach ensures the effective security management of organisational and individual cyber threats, within a cost-effective and affordable range of plans. Shielding total businesses through their fundamentally unique approach to cyber defense to protect corporate assets wherever they are vulnerable or exposed to the threat of an attack. They serve their clients with both offensive and defensive services ensuring a holistic cyber-resilient approach. 

About Citadelo AG:

Citadelo is a rapidly expanding cybersecurity company with offices in Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As a leader in both the Slovakian and Czech markets and with a growing focus on the DACH region, Citadelo was founded in 2006 by ethical hackers who aimed to support Fortune 500 companies in identifying security weaknesses through simulated attacks. Ranked 8th by Financial Times top 1000 fastest growing cyber security company and with a team of over 35 professionals, Citadelo offers expertise in services including cloud security testing, application testing and much more.

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