Security is important for all industries. The banking and finance industries, however, have strict security requirements and are governed by rigid regulations. The data these companies process could potentially lead to a company – or even entire market – to collapse if used maliciously. This leaves no room for error in terms of operations and their security measures.

Whether the organisation is a bank, credit union, or an insurance company, the rate of attack from numerous cybercriminal threats is constant and severe. Recent data breach statistics show that hackers are often able to successfully compromise financial institutions.

Compliance is key to many areas of financial services, as many institutions are subject to PCI-DSS security requirements, but this is only the first of a long list of benchmarks and obligations.

In several cases, ISO 27001 is also a necessity in the financial industry. Boltonshield provides the technical expertise to provide high quality consultancy services to financial institutions and implement solutions of the highest standard, all of which are compliant with all security requirements.