Solutions by Need

Boltonshield offers solutions that are designed to offer practical, real-world benefits that will ultimately facilitate the stability of your organisation and allow it to develop without fearing any potential damage to either its client base nor your own data, infrastructure and employee privacy.

This is why the services that Boltonshield can provide your company can make tangible improvements to your ability to remain protected in a proactive and ever-improving fashion, while at the same time being able to comfortable adhere to any industry-specific or privacy-related regulatory frameworks.

Boltonshield’s cutting edge cybersecurity solutions revolve around a four-pronged approach, integrating the minimization of risk, never resting on our laurels, working with you and any overseeing bodies to achieve compliance, and allowing your organisation to update its every day working methods without increasing risk.

Reduce Attack Surface

When we speak of an organisation’s attack surface we are referring to the entirety of your system that is outward-facing, meaning every single point of entry into the organisational environment. The attack surface can provide a number of vectors from which malicious entities may try to gain access or otherwise cause harm to your system and its stakeholders.

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Stay Ahead of Vulnerabilities

Unfortunately for users and organisations alike, cybersecurity threats are neither static nor easy to predict. Malicious actors constantly try to outmaneuver defencive measures by adjusting their ways and means of attack.

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Facilitate Compliance

Organisations often need to adhere to a number of regulatory frameworks and compliance mandates, particularly but not exclusively in high-risk industries involving sensitive information, personally identifiable data and financial records.

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Secure Modern and Remote Workplace

Boltonshield understands that the workplace has changed forever, with organisations having to offer their employees the ability work from a variety of locations, both on location as well as remotely.

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