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Application Security


Application security is a very complex process. Decision makers often do not allocate sufficient resources to regularly check if the application is in line with the best cyber practices. Serious vulnerabilities in the system often show up only long after they go live. In order to realize this, companies often need to face a serious security incident.

Our customer is responsible for the development and support of a website with thousands of registered users. Our client claims that their team of developers has paid special attention to security from the very beginning. Nevertheless several suspicious and inexplicable incidents have occurred in their application recently. They finally decided to call for help from external experts. As no penetration testing has ever been performed against their website, we suggested the conduct of such testing at first.

The team of Boltonshield has many years of experience in the application security testing of a variety of IT systems. Our activities include professional consultancy services and the training several topics in different fields of IT security as well. Through the years we have gained much valuable experience and we are always happy to support our clients with our expertise.

All technical data in the description (screenshots, script outputs, parameters) were changed in order to protect our client’s anonymity.

You can get in touch with us to find out exactly how Boltonshield can help your organisation.

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