Why we sponsor Swiss Cyber Defense DNA

Boltonshield is proud to announce that it recently became a benefactor partner of Swiss Cyber Defense DNA (SCD-DNA).

What is Swiss Cyber Defense DNA?

SCD-DNA is an industry-sourced project which aims to provide a clearly-defined roadmap for businesses who wish to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. This initiative supplies small to medium enterprises with straightforward and unbiased instructions and advice so that they can better navigate this aspect of their operations. These guidelines are bereft of any input of any of the contributing organisations and companies due to the main reason that Swiss Cyber Defense DNA’s core objective is to help interested SMEs and not of the sponsors or benefactors.

Swiss Cyber Defence DNA’s six guidelines and their corresponding material revolve around the reliable, automated and protected backing up of organisational data; a thorough and continuously updated anti-malware policy and measures; the safe and secure provision of remote access, including the implementation of company-driven technology solutions combined with the training of all staff members; the proper maintenance of all hardware and software used by the organisation so that risks and vulnerabilities are eliminated or mitigated to the best of the organisation’s ability; the proper definition of employee roles and their corresponding access levels and technical capabilities; and the correct definition of a response plan in the event of an emergency, including the implementation of provisions for the safe accessing of documents, the restoration of services and operations, as well as standardised process for the briefing of all employees and other internal stakeholders.

Why did Boltonshield become a benefactor partner?

As a result of the exponential digital transformation and the expansion of online-based services and products, cyber attacks have continued to skyrocket. Such attacks do not only cause financial losses and reputational damage to the affected companies and organisations, but they can also lead to lengthy and costly legal proceedings with far-reaching consequences for all parties involved.

Despite this well-documented phenomenon, cybersecurity is still generally under-resourced and neglected by a large number of companies. Boltonshield truly believes that cybersecurity should firmly be integrated into the very DNA of all organizations, regardless of their size and scope. By joining the Swiss Cyber Defense DNA initiative, we are determined to educate, safeguard and protect Swiss businesses from all malicious entities.

How Boltonshield can help

Boltonshield assists organizations of all sizes and across all industries in their efforts to remain fully protected against an array of system breaches. Our Pentesting services, Security Operations Centre and Managed Security services ensure that our clients and stakeholders can rely on their security landscape, safe in the knowledge that our solutions and services are effective and successful at defending their systems and certifying that their operations remain unaffected.

Boltonshield wants to stress that it is a sincere hope that SME’s remain vigilant to the dangers that threaten their digital footprint and IT environment and act proactively.

Organisations must also understand that cybersecurity risks are a real threat which can occur at any time and without prior warning.

While they should continue to further explore digitalization opportunities, they should also concentrate on keeping their business safe.

Cybersecurity should be taken seriously by all key decision makers regardless of the size of their company or organisation. Malicious entities do not discern between targets and can attack indiscriminately to maximise their chances of a successful breach.

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