Solutions by Industry

Boltonshield offers solutions that are designed to offer practical, real-world benefits that will ultimately facilitate the stability of your organisation and allow it to develop without fearing any potential damage to either its client base nor your own data, infrastructure and employee privacy.

This is why the services that Boltonshield can provide your company can make tangible improvements to your ability to remain protected in a proactive and ever-improving fashion, while at the same time being able to comfortable adhere to any industry-specific or privacy-related regulatory frameworks.

Boltonshield’s cutting edge cybersecurity solutions revolve around a four-pronged approach, integrating the minimization of risk, never resting on our laurels, working with you and any overseeing bodies to achieve compliance, and allowing your organisation to update its every day working methods without increasing risk.


Security is important for all industries. The banking and finance industries, however, have strict security requirements and are governed by rigid regulations. The data these companies process could potentially lead to a company – or even entire market – to collapse if used maliciously. This leaves no room for error in terms of operations and their security measures.

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The telecoms industry is viewed as one of the most vulnerable to cyber security attacks. According to a recent report from Efficient, 43% of telecom companies have suffered a DNS-malware based attack. It was also reported that on average, telecoms companies only applied 4 out of the 11 critical patches recommended by the ISC in 2016, making them particularly vulnerable to zero-day attacks.

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Software Development

The SaaS industry handles code repositories and large sensitive databases. This is one of the reasons it faces a number of security risks, including poor development practices and weak user passwords.

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Manufacturing companies heavily rely on technology to improve efficiency, increase capacity and production and achieve optimum levels of customer satisfaction.

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E-commerce companies depend on their website and payment systems which form the main backbone of their operations. Downtime or destruction of these elements are out of the question as they could lead to lost revenue, permanent reputational damage and maybe even a data breach.

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